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Unique bracelets

PM Silversmedja offers a wide range of bracelets to choose from for men and women of all ages. Everything is handmade and designed by Pär Manteus in his silver smithy in Varberg, Sweden. Several different styles of bracelets for women are available in our store. You can either treat yourself to a nice, stylish bracelet link, possibly adorned with charms, or you can give someone else one as a memento with engraving. How about a wide statement bracelet or a leather one with a silver buckle for the man? Feel free to ask if the particular bracelet you want can be engraved. Whether you are looking for a bracelet for a special occasion or a gift for someone else, there is a bracelet for everyone. You can choose a unique designed bracelet that reflect your personality. Wear jewelry that reflects your individual style and taste. You can mix and match your bracelet with other jewelery from the same collection or from another collection. Gold bracelets can be made to order. Always free shipping in Sweden! Fast and safe shipping worldwide. Everything that is ready-made is usually sent the same day or the next day. Otherwise, it may take a week or so to manufacture and ship. Feel free to call if it's in a hurry and I'll try to fix it.