65 necklace 165 necklace 1

65 necklace 1

From $265.00
65 neck link 265 neck link 2

65 neck link 2

From $349.00
Baud Necklace 3Baud Necklace 3

Baud Necklace 3

From $81.00
Leg NecklaceLeg Necklace

Leg Necklace

From $385.00
Mussel Necklace 1Mussel Necklace 1

Mussel Necklace 1

From $159.00
Mussel Necklace 2Mussel Necklace 2

Mussel Necklace 2

From $123.00
Mussel Necklace 3Mussel Necklace 3

Mussel Necklace 3

From $112.00
Mussel Necklace 4Mussel Necklace 4

Mussel Necklace 4

From $102.00
Mussel Necklace 5Mussel Necklace 5

Mussel Necklace 5

From $76.00
Facet Necklace 1Facet Necklace 1

Facet Necklace 1

From $123.00
Facet Necklace 2Facet Necklace 2

Facet Necklace 2

From $123.00
Fish Necklace 1

Fish Necklace 1

From $65.00
Funky Necklace 1Funky Necklace 1

Funky Necklace 1

From $143.00

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Handmade necklaces

Find the perfect silver necklace at PM Silversmedja. Choose from all models to complement your style. Everything designed and manufactured by Pär Manteus in Varberg, Sweden. A necklace is a classic piece of jewelry that fits both everyday and special occasions. In a clean, modern design or in a classic look, you will find here unique necklaces for both women and men. The necklaces are made primarily of sterling silver but can be ordered in 18K gold if you prefer. Just get in touch for an estimated price. Mix with other jewelry to express your own personality or wear your necklace with earrings and rings from the same jewelry collection. There is something here for everyone regardless of budget! Whether you are looking for gold or silver, bold and modern design or stylish classics - there is something for you. The necklaces are handmade and designed to highlight and enhance your personality. I believe in quality not quantity. Everything is produced in small series and sold only here in the webshop or in PM Silversmedja in Varberg, Sweden. If you want to give someone close to you a gift, consider giving them a necklace. Here is a selection of necklaces that are perfect for any occasion, party or everyday. Whether you're looking for the perfect birthday, anniversary or wedding gift, there's a necklace to match. A necklace becomes a gift that lasts a lifetime. Here you will find stylish modern silver necklaces for men in sterling silver with leather details. Why not give your loved one a necklace with a unique design can also be an appreciated morning gift. Shipping is always free in Sweden! Fast and safe shipping worldwide. Finished products are usually shipped the same or next day. Otherwise, it may take a week or more to manufacture and ship the product. Please let me know if it is urgent and I will try to fix it.