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About Pär Manteus

Since 2005, I have devoted most of my waking hours to silversmithing. Until 2010, silver jewelery was designed and manufactured in my house in Träslövsläge on the west coast of Sweden and sold in shops around southern Sweden. After that, I manufacture in my own silver smithy in the Harbor Warehouse, in Varberg's harbour. Now I sell my products/jewelry only there and here on the website.

With training in graphic design and marketing and seventeen years in the advertising industry, I came into contact with silversmithing by chance. It fit me perfectly – from idea to finished product within a few hours! For a restless soul and with a sense of form and detail and an almost excruciating accuracy, silversmithing became a passion. Many hours in the workshop later, on May 13, 2010 I took over a well-established silver smithy in Varberg. There, all jewelry is created from idea to finished jewelry in an open workshop where the visitor can see me work and at the same time look in the store's displays.

For me, the coastal landscape around Varberg has a natural beauty that inspires new shapes and designs. I want my silver to surprise without overplaying. Get balance and drama in the simplest form. As Albert Einstein once said "Everything should be simplified as far as possible, but no further."

"In the shadow of the fortress of Varberg, at the harbor and midway between the legendary hot and cold baths, lays the silversmith workshop in the gable towards the sea of Hamnmagasinet, a historic building from the period when exports of oats to England were the basis for Halland’s prosperity. Founded in 1874 - To day the origin of exciting creations from silversmith Pär Manteus."

On May 13, 2010, I opened the doors to the silver smithy. There, a jewelery collection with a lot of attitude and stylish design continues to emerge. In the smithy there is a shop and an exhibition where the visitors can both learn about the ancient craft by viewing the workshop from the gallery and enhance their personality with the jewellery inspired by the rugged coastal landscape.

”Welcome to the sea and the storms, the waves and the salty scents, the sand and the cliffs!”

Pär Manteus, silversmith & designer